Hello. I need some help using KisMac. When I went to set it up, it had all these options for chips and cards under the "Driver" menu. I really don't know which ones to use. If I just select "Apple airport or Airport extreme ...", It will let me scan but not if I have the USB device on there. Even if I take it off, it will still not scan and give me an error message. If anybody really knows how to use KisMac, please help me! I need help setting it up. I can get as far as scanning, but nothing else. I cannot do an Authentication Flood, Nor a Re-inject Packet attack. Nothing seems to work. I NEED SOME HELP! I am using an Airport wireless network with a 1st Gen base-station, 2 expresses, and an extreme. Can anyone help? I would really like to use KisMac, but it just doesn't seem to work!

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The last time I tried to use KisMac, it messed up my wireless drivers (granted, I didn't have a clue what I was doing). All I can say is back up if you don't want to have to reinstall...

And sorry, I can't offer any more advice to you than my short-lived experience with it.

The wireless drivers provided with KisMac aren't the best for the Apple Airport. You will notice that your Mac will be unable to find your Airport card after running KisMac using it's Airport drivers in Active mode. A simple restart of your machine should load the original Apple Airport drivers again. I have not been able to get the advanced functions to work correctly with Apple Airports on a number of Macs (and new Intel Mac Airports are not currently supported). What exactly are you trying to use KisMac for? Unless your looking to crack WEP passwords (which is illegal), there are other programs out there that should do the other stuff for you. KisMac does have a new programmer helping them patch and upgrade some things but when they will release a new version is anyone's guess.

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