I've had a beard for 40+ years. Shaved it (once) after our first born arrived and immediately grew it back. Baby didn't know who I was and wife took 1/2 a day to stop laughing. I guess the more of my face I hide, the better I look. Now I threaten to shave it every once in a while to look 10 years younger, but wife doesn't want me looking younger that she does. Ahhh... the problems a beard can cause! Still saves me 10 min every morning though.

Seriously guys I think some of you need to change your careers and become comedians because this is hilarious.

I though we were comparing beards not penis size. zzzzz.

Lol well maybe some are, but I'll leave them to their own problems aha.

Mine is more stubble than a beard. I trim it every week and haven't clean shaved in about 4 years but still can't get it to join fully on the right side!.

I keep clean shaven, but sometimes it lapses into stubble, until it gets itchy and annoys me and then its gone again. Call me lazy but shaving is another boring chore, so I get to the end of the week and im like 10 years older. It's enough to get me into the adult rides at Alton Towers, and then on Monday I can go on all the kiddy ones I missed lol

I have a beard (you can see it in my profile pic), for about 8 years.. i'm 26 now and i don't consider myself as a hairy guy, i mean i can barely see the hair on my chest and for that i can't get my beard to grow big and thick (and fine looking) like some of the members here, also here's the problem i can't shave it completely because i would look like a 16 yo kid :( i guess this is what a baby-face adults suffer from (like myself).

because i would look like a 16 yo kid :( guess this is what a baby-face adults suffer from (like myself).

Know the feeling.

Yes, I definitely have it. It defnitely supports me to look mature to be get married.

If you are basing your marriage potential on facial hair then, frankly, I imagine you are going to be single for some time. Unless you sign up with beardedladydating.com of course...

It's funny. I have enough potential to get married but without beard I look young as a teenager.

I don't think that looking young is a barrier to marriage, and anyway why are you even thinking about marriage as a teen? Enjoy life first, says the man who has been married three times...