hey guys n gals,
i'm soula...i'm a newbie here and well, seeing that this is a forum, i'mma get things started on the right foot...so i guess that u can say this is an introduction and a post in one...i have got a problem...don't we all? lol. i am using ms outlook 2003 and am currently attempting to create a private address book for my department...this should allow us to share contacts within our department only and not to be accessible by outside parties. is there anyway that i can have this implemented...i have come accross exchange server and have seen that it may have the functionality to do so, but i'm not quite sure. i've also come accross ShareO, ShareCalender and ShareContacts for Outlook and have seen that they may also be able to do the same. currently i'm doing some tersting on Windows Sharepoint Services and i do believe that this component may also have the capabilities of doing the same as those aforementioned. my problem hence, lies in not knowing which of these is the best solution to my problem. if it is at all possible that i can have this done without having to utilize the use of any outside software and just be able to do it in outlook..i'll prefer that option...any help will be appreciated...thanx...soula:)

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