Im a game art and design student that loves just about every computer related thing, from coding php, actionscript, html, css, java, to animating in 3d and drawing with photoshop.

Some times I think I should focus on one single thing instead of trying to learn everything but my brain wont let me. I dont care not being the best programmer, or the best artist, for me nothing is better than understanding how everything connects and works and later be able to come up with ideas that connect everything and create something new. Im still young and I hope I choosed the right path.

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Welcome. Getting a little taste of everything is a great way to decide what you enjoy most and want to focus on as a longterm career. That's what DaniWeb is all about - being a one stop shop for everything in the IT industry so that all different people interested in different areas of the industry can come together.


Cool, that's my type of thinking. I have the best job in the world as a tech journalist because it means I am always being exposed to and therefore learning about new stuff. The best type of commission for me is one which is pitched just above my comfort level so I can attain new knowledge and then pass it on to others. Sheer bliss...

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