Hey guys,
I just tried to cash out the reward points I had earned and once I clicked "Paypal cash out", the reward points got set to 0.Now I got a message "Last cash out, pending for $$", is there anything additional to do or does the cashing out happens at the end of the month?

There is definitely another step involved... I was also confused by this when I cashed out about 6 months ago. The problem is that I don't quite remember what that step was. I think it was about getting into your PayPal account and approving the incoming transaction... or something like that. Dani will probably come around to confirm.

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I just received it on my paypal, didn't have to do anything, kind of weird but oh well =)

If your DaniWeb email address is the same as your PayPal account email address, then everything will be automatic. However, if they are different, you will get an email from PayPal to your DaniWeb email saying that you have money waiting for you, and prompting you to accept it with your existing PayPal login credentials.

Long story short: You can only claim your reward if your DaniWeb account is associated with a valid email address that you check regularly. (The barrier is intentional.)

Yeah. I remember now, that was the extra step I had to do to claim the cash-out reward, because I was in that situation where my daniweb account had a different (old) email address that wasn't the same as the one used for my paypal account.

By coincidence(or not :p) they are the same, just took a day for them to email me about the transaction, thanks guys =)

We currently process all cashouts in bulk on Friday mornings.

I've had a cash out pending for probably about a month now, nothing doing at my paypal account. which is the same as here.

There goes another cashout friday without a cashout.