Wife had car crash

Cat collapsed and had to be rushed to the vets

Ordered takeaway food to be delivered for 19.30, delivered at 18.15 when no one is in.

Giving up now and just drinking lots of wine :(

ah, hate those days..

not that it would help anything on your list, but i'm a minimalist. I try to achieve a deeper level on a daily basis. the more you have, the more energy required to keep things managed (physically, emotionally, mentally). the less you have, the more energy and time you have for those things in your life that you really value.

i'd keep the wine though. it helps get you through those situations.

Tell me, one of those days.
I'll open a bottle of wine myself and I'll drink a glass thinking of you.
Tomorrow can only be better. Unless your wine is called "Chateau migraine"...

A good nights sleep later and all is well.

Car crash was a little sureal as the bloke who drove into my wife's car is a George Michael impersonator so I guess he is doing method acting!

Was it more of a wham than a crash?

Ha ha keep em coming!

I was gonna make a gay joke butt f*** it.

I sent the food back and cancelled.

I just so knew they would bring the same food back later rather than cooking it fresh so I cancelled.

Had a nice salmon pasta bake instead :)

Sounds like it may be beer-O'clock!

Its like my times when pc hates me and doesnt display properly most of the time... and at school even worse one recently did the biggest dung of its life which means the OS is crashed and has to be reinstalled.

Just another normal day!

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I miss drinking. :(

I miss drinking. :(

I miss drinking on the job, apparently that's frowned on nowadays. :)

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I keep my liver in a jar on the bedside cabinet.

Can't beat a vodka water cooler in the office

ah nothing more than a cup of soda!

I am too old for drinking ethylated water.