The title explain itself :)

Here goes mine:
- Playing video games
- Walking my dog
- Watch some movies (craving for Horror genre)
- Browse the web
- Meet and chat with new people online

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Coding as a hobby (or profession as freelance) can be extremely insular, so things I can do with other people are a bonus.
My interests are varied and numerous, but not sure if I have a "hobby". Too many things to do!
I do like watching live sport (rugby - maybe one good game left in me - at 46 - but last one left me with too many injuries), pub quizzes, gigs for the very reason that they're social in a real sense with real people - not poncing about online and being a sad old fart.

Oh! There's so much to to and so little time to do it!!
This what I've been doing in the past years:

  • Reading about health, science, governaments, ufos and conspiracy therories
  • Estudying and plying with unknown(for me) tech stuff like security/hacking/deepweb/bitcoins
  • Drinking beer with friends
  • Playing Mind Games(sudoku, 2048 etc)/MMORPGs/Counter Strike/Chess
  • Watching documentaries/animes/movies/series
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Somebody has skills with MS Paint :)

Oh! Spammer! That hurted a bit! lol
The 11st commandment should be "Thou shalt not spam"
The vice is not for posting, it's just for checking it out ^^

@Rev. Jim
I would say DW is a hobby! I spend my day between facebook and Daniweb

Electronics, photography

reading, watching tv, movies, anime, play video games.. reading.

I like doing stand up comedy.