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Video is the great way to showcase your business, products online. Do you include video marketing in your overall internet marketing plan? Since YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google.

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Yes i think Video marketing is best strategy for promoting your business. you can attract more traffic through videos.

No, because it's expensive to both produce and run preroll video ads. I think the cost of producing video ads makes them cost prohibitive.

Or are you talking about uploading Youtube videos, themselves, as part of a marketing strategy? I think that's very beneficial, but also very time consuming :( Plus you need great ideas to go viral. Great for those capable of doing it ... unfortunately I'm not one of them!

The main thing here is to drive the traffic so having video containing effective clips will definitely leds to grab more attention by the users that will directly hels in driving traffic and to establish the business

Thank everyone for your response. Dani, I don't think video marketing is expensive. If we have videos that is compelling enough, then we don't have to put more effort to make it viral. That way we can increase brand awareness / products promotion / awarness about causes etc. If video is only for products promotion or self brand promotion, then it may cost more to advetise video.

it will definetely increase your ranking in google.

Search engines consider various metrics when ranking pages but producing video content is not one of them, as far as I know. Could you explain further how video marketing affects ranking?

@Lax - one popular metrics that larger search engines (especially google) loves is the popularity of a website and its bounce rates. If a video is effective enough to draw people to a website; you gain the popularity aspect of that algorithm (see Alexa top 100 - none of those sites have less than a few million unique visits a day).

That brings us to bounce rates; if you have created one video that has capitvated enough people that they actually want to engage your website (not just visit the main page and decide they've been decieved) OR if your website has more videos like the one they just watched; they are likely to stick around longer. If they stick around longer = lower bounce rate.

So thats from the search engine/viewer prespective. Ontop of that if your video references your site's content in context then when people are searching for that content you'll also have your video ranking in the SERPs for hopefully the same or similar keywords to your website. Additionally the search engine may also look at that video as an additional resource to prove you belong in that content category thus adding more authority to your domain/page. The more authority your webpage / domain has; the higher you rank.

End of the day you need to remember that Search Engines nowadays are putting very strong value on new and original content and its weighted more towards video and images then it is written content. So in laymens terms; videos on youtube can and will act in a similar regard to a less spammy version of guest blogging, especially when you are properly linking youtube and your website.

Video Marketing is also a different and intreseting way of sharing the content.

According to a study: 90% of online shoppers said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions.

That's why now adays its necessary to add videos in their ecommerce stores.

A lot of large scale business focus on video marketing as they build there reputation and also generate huge investments from it.

any one share video marketing work startegy and plan with me.

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