I've been editing on a (windows based) desktop and now want and need to transition to notebook computers.

I've been assured that notebook computers are now showing specs that can rival any desktop based system (if you have the $$$). Specially HP's Z-Book series which is built with video and content creation in mind. However, due to budget constraints I am looking at the Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition as a possible candidate. It sports a fast i7 processor, with 16GB RAM and an Nvidia GTX-860M video card.

My question is that do the more compact M-series of Nvidia cards really show the kind of performance that their desktop class series do? Specially in terms of cooling which could be a factor when driving the GPU to its limits for extended periods of time.

A desktop can handle the marathon sessions that I often have to subject my computers to, but can the same be said of notebook computers since they don't have any space inside to breathe as well.

Also, am I missing some other important factors to consider when making a decision whether to have my main editing system a notebook computer? I really want to understand this before I make an investment.

Re: M-series of Nvidia GPUs. Are they ready for 4K video editing? 80 80
1, the system you mentioned sounds like it would be able to handle it but... The RAM and hard drive may be more of a "Bottlen Neck" than the CPU. Most peopel only use 1/3 of their CPUs processing power.

If you're buying from an actual store, see if they will let you give it a test drive. Consider buying from Sams club. My father buys all his electronics from them. They have a return "No Questions Asked" policy. I don't shop there and maybe they don't have it any more but... you can always get a 30 day free pass to visit. If they still have the policy you can do your own test drive from home.

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