Trying to replace jquery-modules, because i need only datepicker, not any additional stuff.
Found a light Pikaday datepicker, working just fine as common, but after hours of searching and reading articles, it seems that nobody has not found a good solution to fix date format issue of it, or without any another massive fix, like moment.js. Why this format has left to this annoying condition....
Have anyone found good solution, for get picked date in format YYYY-MM-DD?
I do not want to include 2 jquery-modules, just for one datepicker.....

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Adding moment.js isn't really a 'massive fix'.
Neither is running jQuery UI. You can choose to download just what you need so you can have a jQuery UI file that is just the core and the datepicker.


Yes, i added moment.js for now, and date is now in correct format. There came 4040 more readable rows for this little convert...
With jquery, i had 9842 + 16617 rows taking care of dates :-D
I still continue search something else, because, this is so strange way to handle this kind of functionality. There have to be better solution for picking dates.

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