Some years ago I was in fishing , then Mountain biking  and almost one year now I am in gardening ( I still go for fishing or a biking ride in a near mountain) . I always knew that my relationship with earth , dirt , and plants provide me something that is missing in my day routine. I always loved plucking weeds in my fields , and changing the landscape. Almost one year ago I realized that I like to plant seeds , to make them germinate and hybridization . I tried many seeds from China , and some from my yard or neighbors. And today I have more than 150 new plants (various climates (purple , blue , red) , roses (climbing , dark red) , passion flower ( granadilla , incarnata) , climbing hydrangea , and some blue / white and black / yellow hibiscus.
Its great to read from Internet how to treat them and try my own methods as well. But when you see a new seed germinating and growing into something new its really awarding.

It's seasonal. In the winter I like cross-country skiing. In the spring and fall it's roller skating, and in the summer it's biking and canoeing. And, of course, reading all year round.

Mostly running, for few hours, 4 times per week, it's my break from everything. About plants, I don't have a garden anymore, but I have a small room with a French window exposed to south, I use it as a small greenhouse, with some plants... last year I grew up four avocado plants from seeds, one of these is now 2mt tall, I didn't expected such results. Now I want to try with a mango or something else outlandish.

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Cooking. Reading (hard science and shite thrillers). Learning Italian (off and on).

Learning/playing guitar. I've been able to strum along with sing-song stuff since I was a teenager, but now I have more time I'm learning to play proper Jazz guitar.

It's really hard, but it does give me a perfect excuse to buy all kinds of super gear... guitars, amps , effects, iPad software etc.

Looks like it's going to be skiing again. Got snow yesterday and more coming on Monday.

I don't know if it is exactly a hobby as most people would define it, but lately I've been reading about DNA and molecular biology. What I find fascinating is the similarity between DNA (the code that makes our bodies what they are) and computer software. If anyone who happens to read this is slightly interested, I recommend "DNA seen through the eyes of a coder",

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Dancing! Especially blues dancing. If I had to choose a single favorite hobby it would be blues dancing right now.

Listening to music, collecting good songs on Spotify, playing music, composing music

Reading and writing nonfiction

Playing board games, card games with friends

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