I am facing problem about while running macro in cam 350 software. In every time import file from system & running if any macros the active tab is minimised & tab switching between other tabs.

But this happened only when i using two or more windows tabs. If no any other background tabs are not running in my system then active tab is not minimized and no problem for this.

Can you please suggest me if u know any solutions ?

Thanks in advance.

Wow, while I know a lot of PCB and circuitry drawing apps (see my user icon) this one is not one I've run into.

But not all is lost. Software updated December 12, 2016 was just 2 days ago so I'd be sure your app is current and if still buggy file the bug at http://www.downstreamtech.com/contact-support.php

-> I've run across a lot of buggy systems like that and my advice is to "go with what works." If you find it only works when there is one tab, do that.

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