Where can I buy a T-shirt with the DaniWeb logo? Or a sticker to pimp up my car? Or is this not feasible?

Dani must still have some left from all those boxes of bloody t-shirts we lugged into the Playwright Celtic Bar a few years ago for the birthday bash? :-)

I have them about 20 feet away from me, at the moment. However, I'm hesitant to sell them directly as the cost for inventory management + shipping doesn't really make it worth my while when there are dropshippers like Cafepress that let you just upload a logo or any graphic or saying you want and have one sent to you on the fly.

You had T-Shirts (and probably coffee mugs) and didn't tell me when I came to visit? Shame on you :-(

I didn't have them in my office at the time. They were buried somewhere in my mom's basement back then. They've since been extracted.

I'm a bit surprised you haven't been walking around town handing them out as advertising. There were still a number of big boxes full of shirts after that night, IIRC. ;)

I've been partnering with friends who put on conferences and seminars and have been willing to give me free booths to hand them out.