The recent flood of "technical problems" with computers at Delta Airlines, the New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street Journal etc. make me wonder if we have become too dependent on these machines?
Are they maintained by less and less competent people?
Has the complexity exceeded human comprehension?

Maybe - there are benefts as well as risks

Yes - mainly because too many systems which do not require computation are being linked to computers. e.g. smart toasters, car door locks, etc....
Seems so - probably because there is high demand for people with technical skills and a shortage of supply so even the least competent people are finding employment.
Yes - for a single human but then so are lots of things (road networks, electricity grids, air planes, etc...). The internet like the economy (and most global systems) probably exceeds all human comprehension.

I thought the recent outage was British Airways. My reading on this pointed to management issues, quality of the outsourcing and choices on redundancy and backup systems.

The benefits are here, but when your management cuts support and hardware, you see troubles like this.

You can see the same thing in mass transportation where there are not enough trains, planes or automobiles and so on.

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Are they maintained by less and less competent people?

I blame Trump. He decided to drain the swamp and replace them with his buddies.