I have a problem with my computer and wonder if you guys could help me.
The problem is that my computer runs but there is no display on Monitor.
The problem is not with the monitor because I tried it with other computer.

The problem started somedays ago because of I got this error nvlddmkm. The problem then was that after I was watching a video the monitor got turned off. When I restarted the computer I could see the screen but it was some problem with the screen and a repair thing was running. Every time a turned on the computer the repair thing started. Sometimes a blue screen showed up also.

Boot your machine in safe mode by tapping the F8 Key while it boots. Use the arrow keys to highlight safe mode.

Hold the windows key and press R

Type the following: mmc devmgmt.msc

From the View menu, select Show Hidden Devices

Are there any yellow exclamation marks?

Boot your machine in safe mode by tapping the F8 Key while it boots. Use the arrow keys to highlight safe mode.

Hold the windows key and press R

Type the following: mmc devmgmt.msc

From the View menu, select Show Hidden Devices

Are there any yellow exclamation marks?

Yes there where some yellow exclamation marks.
I Removed them what should I do know?

I think there is a problem of the monitor so check the monitor If the problem is in the monitor than change it with new one otherwise check the motherboard. There is a problem in the motherboard so the display is not coming on the monitor so Isuggest you to change the monitor.

Plug and Play should try to install the correct drivers when you restart. The Exclamation mark indicates that there is a problem. Often, it is a rogue driver installed with a Trojan virus that has taken the resources needed by that driver.

After you re-boot, your monitor may come back on, but I imagine it will not. Either way, you should go back to the device manager, show hidden devices, and let us know which devices (if any) are have conflicts.

Next, do the following, in an attempt to stop malware from changing your system:

-Hold the windows key and press R
-Type the following and press ENTER: msconfig
-On the Services tab, check the box to hide Microsoft Services, then click Disable All
-On the Startup tab, click Disable All.
-Click OK
-Do not reboot when prompted to do so.

Return to the Device Manager and right-click each conflicting driver and uninstall.

Reboot, post the results.

Our goal at the moment is to put the system in a stable state and hopefully take tools away from malware. Our long-term goal is to run an anti-malware program and let it do the work. Malwarebytes' Anti-malware is what we will use first.

This is a long process, I know; I'm with you through it.

Good Luck

My laptop computer turns on but the monitor will come on. I connected it to another monitor and it work great through that monitor. What could possibly be wrong?

My Computer is run, but monitor isn't display. All ready I check my monitor with other computer. The monitor is ok. So, What do is solved my computer? Please write me.

Welcome to DaniWeb. I'll gladly help as much as I can. You were correct to search for a similar issue before starting a new thread. Please follow the step I gave Exaktor. If this does not help, Start a new thread so this one will not get off topic. There are many different reasons a display may not work. By starting a new thread, we can focus on your problem.

Good Luck

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I was running my computer yesterday and suddenly my computer got turn off. After that I was trying to start my computer but I wasn't got any display while boot up.System is running and monitor is fine.I'm just getting a screen asking for del and f1 to press.After pressing f1 key monitors screen gets black and nothing shows. What I need to do to solve it. Could you please help me out???


Can you get to the BIOS?
What make and model is your machine e.g Dell M550

You migth need to open the machine and take out the battery and do a BIOS reset.


Welcome to DaniWeb!

This is a old thread. It is always a good idea to read through old threads to see what others have done for simular problems. For whatever reason, the original poster did not return to close the thread or continue troubleshooting his problem.

It would be a good idea to start a new thread. Not only is it good etiquette, people will be more willing to help, and if Exaktor returns the two conversations will not become intertwined.

After you create a new thread, post the name (or link) here so I can find it.

See you soon,


At first you check your
plug in electricity,
on mother board to hard disk
off/on switch
graphic card

Note: Remove Power plug Supply first before do so
Try to takeout your memory card and your video card
and clean it by using an eraser then clean the memory card and video card use paint brush to clean it. after that put your memory card and video card in to the mother board.....
try to open your pc.. IF the problem did not solve
turn off your PC Again and remove your bios battery and short the positive and negative terminal of the bios with in 3 second,by using the edge of your battery or any metal can short the terminal after that place it again the battery bios ....

my computer is running but there is no display i went in safety mode but it still keeps turning off.Need some help

CAn you start your computer. How many problems do you have? From your post above it seems like there is nothing display on your computer and your computers keep restarting. Clean and reseat the heat sink. Can you hear your any fan sound?

Mr. Batfile, i tried cleaning the memory and the video card still doesnt work! still no display, on the last part of ur suggestion, is it the jumper or the battery dat i need to remove?

Is the CPU supported by the motherboard? If you have new model CPU and old motherboard, you might have to update the BIOS.

Since the motherboard is old, it is better to get a new one.

my computer is not coming up on my monitor it is showing change setting what do i do .

he problem is that my computer runs but there is no display on Monitor

and I would like to format my computer i try several times to do so nothing change and even i did change a monitor to otherone

help me guyz my computer every thing run but is show to my monitor
i tried but nothing i gettit i will change processor, Ram and fun
still do the same thing

I have the problem of hard displayed on the monitor but my cpu come on well so i wish to know what may be the main problem and the solution.

help me i use pentium three and everything is ok but no display on monitor

Try to boot from any linux bootable device

help me guyz my computer every thing run but no display monitor.

update drivers for your grahics card...or change the RAM...also make sure there is no power problems

Check and replace your VGA Cables

Did you check your power cables or VGA cables?

i think it's a problem your cmos battery , so try
to change your cmos battery.

If processor or motherboard is damaged or destroyed is it possible to run computer??

I have a problem with my computer.when turn on the system,it runs but no display in monitor.fan is running and cd drive is working.can u help me to solve this??

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