Yesterday the power in my apartment went out while I was at work. When I came home my computer and other devices were not working, so I restored the power supply.I get power now at all outlets (including where the computer is plugged in),but my computer will not turn on. I know it is receiving power, because the stand by light on the monitor is on, but I do not know what to do. I leave my computer on during the day? Is there anything I can do to turn the computer on or is it possible that the power outage fried my computer?

Incidentally, we are having the same problem with the TV. It turns on but the Cable box is totally dead. Is there a possibility these two things are connected?

Please Help!

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There was probably a power surge before the power went out, which will of course cause damage to any electrical equipment plugged into something other than a surge-protector.

Your computer's power supply is probably dead, as that usually sacrifices itself for the rest of the computer. Fortunately, power supplies are relatively inexpensive (~$40).

Hope this helps

What type of computer is it? I just replaced a power supply in a friends computer that had a similar problem. However the motherboard was fried. Sometimes when the PSU goes it takes the Mainboard with it.

It is a Dell. We went ahead and called them and after over an hour on the phone, we still couldnt get it to work. They suggested purchasing a new power supply as well and said if that doesnt work alone, then to also replace the motherboard. Do you think we should just go ahead and buy both from the start?

No. Just buy a power supply and see if that is the problem. If not then get a motherboard. However, it is difficult to upgrade a Dell motherboard so you may want to consider a new computer if your warranty has expired.

What is the model number for you PC

That really depends on the type of computer you have, some of the older motherboards would be so expensive, that you might as well buy a new computer. I would start with the powersupply, and go from there.

Wow the people at Dell must be idiots if they suggest buying a new power supply especially as Dell have to be special and unique and often don't use standard PSU or at least in the ones ive seen. I think the same goes for motherboards as well so if i does come to the point where you have to replace that then your pretty much going to be taking everything out of your Dell that makes it at Dell.


this happened to me nearly. i got cable internet and there was a lightning strike and the cable box, cable modem and my router all got fried as did all my wired clients but for some reason all my wifi clients were ok. could the surge have come over the ethernet maybe?

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Yes, that's probably what happened.

i got same problem here. There some thunderstorm today and meanwhile i was updating something in my pc. After one lightning splash my house was blackout.When i open the plug again , i cant on my computer but there led light(standby) on my motherboard. Does anyone know what happened to my computer? i already try looking and do power on(repeat) but that not working. Need help :(



it could be the power supply or a RAM module. Do you hear any beeps when turning on? And if yes, how many? Each BIOS has is own codes and can give an idea of what is wrong, for example Intel's:

Also, are the fans spinning? If you can, test with another power supply. When testing unplug all disks from motherboard and see if you can get to the BIOS. If the power supply is fine then you would remove all peripherals and test each RAM module separately by moving the RAM into each (RAM) slot, to understand: if all RAM modules and slots are fine. And then move to each peripheral, until you isolate the problem.

NOTE - please, always be sure to have unplugged the computer from power electricity BEFORE you put your hands into the tower.


nope, i dont hear any beep. i also try testing my psu on another motherboard and the motherboard work fine but just my monitor didnt show up , i already change the RAM position too just like u said and still didnt work. Could it be my RAM is problem?

Could it be my RAM is problem?

Hmm, have you tried powering without RAM modules? If everything is fine up to memory check (psu & cpu) then if you power without ram it should fail with a beep code for memory failure. Does CPU fan spin?

I have all of my hardware plugged into a top-line UPS which also includes an industrial grade surge supressor. We get somewhat frequent electrical storms here, power surges, and black/brown outs. So far, after 12 years I have no lost any gear as a result.

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