Hi guys! I've always been able to find answers on this website so I've never had to make an account. So a few months ago I was playing starbound and it froze. I had to shut it down from the power supply. When I turned it back on all the fans were spinning at 100% and it wouldn't boot. my moniter was switching back and forth from analog to hdmi. I've switched out the hard drive, motherboard, power supply, processor, and graphics card yet I still have the same problem. The only thing that is working well is when I boot it using the motherboard without the gpu. But for some reason it still spins the fans at 100% even when booted from the mobo

As of right now these are my specs

Gtx 770
I7 2600k
MSI B75A-G43 mobo
12gb of ram
Corsair bronze 750w

Also I have tried pulling the ram sticks. Neither had any affect on the problem. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP I've been trying to fix this for 4 months!

Have you tried another GPU (graphics card)?

Yes you listed it but were not specific. That 770 is pretty old now.

You might want to replace the power supply. I have had nVidia GPUs fail on me in the past, but only after about 10 years. I had an 8800GT that I got in 2007 and it failed last year. It didn't cause the sort of issues you have, but then I have a much heftier power supply.

I have switched out the psu with another. It is a Taigan 700w and did not have any effect whatsoever

Also yes I have tried another graphics card. I've tried a gtx 260 and a Radeon 8570 HD. I know the gtx 260 works and the 8570. I havent tried the 770 in a different computer yet. Besides it still has the problems with a different card.

Hi, Try to check your ram dims.

Many graphics cards die in less than 3 years. I managed to get mine working by removing the heatsink, thermal grease, bracket and plastic bits. Then I wrapped it in baking paper. I baked it in a toaster oven for 4 minutes at 200C. I put it back together with fresh thermal grease. It's been working for 4 months!

Have you tried setting the motherboard BIOS or UEFI to default? A crash can corrupt the UEFI.

The CMOS battery can be removed and the motherboard CMOS jumper can be used to reset the CMOS. When the CMOS battery is put back in, the motherboard should load default settings.

If that doesn't fix it, your CMOS battery might need to be replaced.

I have switched out the two ram sticks with others and no effect. Btw I have tried using 2 other gpu's that I know work. Still the same problem even with them in

@Chris. Now it's a dead PC. Google "The Dead PC" to find where you start with just a PSU, then a board and NO CASE then work your way up. It's a well done subject and the method I use when it's dead dead dead.

WIth just PSU we use the green wire test and a Volt meter.
With the motherboard we are not booting up but testing for power up of each PSU leg under load and a Voltage check (including the CMOS battery level.)
As we put in one RAM and CPU+HSF since it has onboard video we hope to see the BIOS and video come up.

That's the summary method of working The Dead PC.

@rproffitt I will completely rebuild the computer from scratch and I will switch between the parts if it still doesn't work. It really doesn't make any sense.

So some good news maybe. I put the Radeon 8570 HD in the computer and it booted up but the fans are still blowing at 100%. I also can not use my gtx 770 or 260. Even if I change the psu I still can't get it to boot with either card.

@Chris. At this point I'd call it the motherboard but you changed that too. " I've switched out the hard drive, motherboard, power supply, processor, and graphics card "

Some folk keep their old failed cards, boards and more and then try again later. It ends up in the shop and we find a PC with bad everything. The cost to repair is too much compared to starting over.

Point? Folk have done this and it's a mystery why since the shop fees are pretty steep.