Hi, everybody...

A friend sent me this lines of code. I wonder:

What kind of language is it, and what does it do

moveq.l #0,d1
lea txture,a6
move.l a7,.stack
move.l #visuallist,.visual
bra.w .start
cnop 0,8
addq.l #4,-(a2)
; move.l a4,-(a2) ;

lea (a3,d3.w*4),a3
movem.w (a3)+,d0-d2

move.l 2(a1,d0.w*8),d3 ;
move.l 2(a1,d1.w*8),d4 ;

cmp.w d3,d4
beq.b .oo
blt.b .o
exg.l d1,d0
exg.l d3,d4
.o move.l 2(a1,d2.w*8),d3
exg.l d0,d2

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when i take a first look on that i though it's asm (assembler) very close-to-hardware programmin language - i used that really time ago.

i thought this because it has commans like lea, move.

but when i took a 2nd look i understood that it's shaders - it's something like little programm that does some effects to the vertex of the figure (vertex shaders) or to each pixel - usually for some graphics effect (pixel shaders)

i'm 90% sure, but as i don't do it anymore (doing web oriented business) i might be wrong.

but anyway you can dig in that direction

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