I am trying to load a software program: One Touch Diabetes Management Software from Lifescan. I am operating on windows XP. This message comes up while trying to load:
did not self register or unregister
unspecified error
I had talked with One Touch Tech and he tried all he new and couldn't resolve problem. He thought that perhaps it was a Microsoft issue. I couldn't find a place to contact them about this so I am trying here. I am 68 years old and this program is needed to download from my meter to PC. I am somewhat proficient but nowhere near an expert with technical stuff.
Hope someone out there can help

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Try to register the dll file in windows.

Press Start > Run and type regsvr32 /s msrdo20.dll then click ok.

Try the program again.

Gave that a go but same message came up when trying to load the program.


Thanks for the update.
When you say load, does that mean starting the program after you have installed it, or when you are installing it from a disk?

Sorry for the questions, just need to have an idea of what's happening.

Sorry for the lack of information. This happens when I get to the final stage of loading from CD. I have found that the file has something to do the back up in the program. I did what you said and it looked as though it went but I could not find it in system 32. Of course I really didn't know what I was looking for. I did forget to thank you for the quick response.

I have been able to start the program after installing it. It seems to have everything with one problem that I know of. I will not locate the USB port that I have the meter connected. It asks for the comport which I have no idea which one it is. I click find or locate port and it comes back saying it can not find it. If we could solve this problem the perhaps I can download from meter which is all I need.

When it asks for the com port there should be a couple of USB entries there.

Does the meter come with the software or is is separate and does it come with a driver disk?

The software was ordered from the company that makes the meter. It also came with a driver cd which is installed. In the com port area it list 1 thru 9 and then beyond. I tried calling up each of them up to com 9 with no recognition. I also tried the search which is supposed to find the port with no luck.

you might need to enable the USB port from in the bios,

PS do you have the latest SP running on the machine.

I have sp2 running. If it needs bios work then I will need a great deal of help since I know just enough about them to hurt myself.

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