hi. im high school student . i take computer studies as one of my subject. my project is developing a computerised revenue collection system for a city council. i would like someone to help me with how to enter codes for client payments.thank you

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Hi and welcome to DaniWeb, I hope you find what you are looking for here. Unfortunately I cannot help you with your question, and the community introductions forum is not the right place to be asking. This is where we all say hello and get to know each other.

With a bit of luck someone who knows exactly the right forum to ask in will be along shortly with the link for you to click and find happiness the DaniWeb way :cheesy:


Be patient :)

Someone will most likely be along soon with a spot on suggestion of where to ask the question. That's the beauty of DaniWeb, with nearly 100,000 members (yep, we are nearly there!) there is always someone in the community who is going to be able to help out. Of course, being a global community everyone is on different time, and what with work and leisure getting in the way (especially over a weekend) an immediate response is not always possible. However, I'm willing to bet it won't take long...


where can i get replies to my messages and where exacly do i post them?

I suggest that you take a look at the DaniWeb How To which Dani has just finished turning into a really useful and easy to understand guide to using DaniWeb. I would also advise that you read the DaniWeb Rules as these will also help you to get the best out of the service we offer.

Spend a few minutes with both the above and I suspect all will become clear...

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