Need to ask for advice about how to increase the rank of my web site.
Please can you help with that.
Thanks in advance

While blogs are on web sites it would be nice to know where your blog is as the usual way to rank up is well, so done on the web.

That said no one I know needs SharePoint work, the custom software is done in house and the accounting is done by the CFO. Maybe your blog isn't hitting the right topics. Or the topics are old and stale.

There are various ways in which you would be able to improve the ranking.
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
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first you need choose right keywords with high search volume and low competition. then optimize your content with those keywords and try to get backlinks for your blog and share your content in Social media platforms with interesting titles.

Where is your blog? Why are you writing? Educational or marketing driven? Do you know your audience? Have you defined your target audience?

I have been blogging since 2006, and have published over 1700 posts. My advice - write, write, write, then write some more. Google pays more attention to blogs and sites where the content changes all the time. All the tricks and SEO tactics in the world will not make up for scant, poor, or boring content.

Do you promote your posts on social networks? I always promote a new post on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For me LinkedIn is probably the most effective, based on the amount of work that I get from people who "find" me on LinkedIn.

Include relevant and high volumed keywords in your blog.
An interesting title helps a lot.
Share your blog in social media.
Use LSI keywords in header tags.
Make your blog mobile responsive.

Include your main keyword in your page's title tag as well as other important places.
Write smart titles that will capture searchers attention and get more clicks.
Avoid meta tag truncation to increase CTR.
Promote your content in your meta description.
Give your content a priority.

You can try to increase the rank by regularly publishing unique and interesting content for your visitors. This will give a good signal to search engines and does not require specific knowledge as in link building. For some unpopular topics it works fine. And do not forget to check the positions so as not to miss the moment when the positions for the selected keywords begin to grow.

use trending search phrases definately will helpfull for blog ranking. More times user click your blog automatically it will creat strong impression so no need to conisder submissions

choose correct relevant keywords to your site my suggestion is go with long tale keywords. and perform on-page seo like including keywords in meta tags and content. and then start off page seo try to get do follow backlinks to your site, it will helpful to ranking in search engine results page. more important thing is concentrate on content, provide unique and rich content.

The blog is very important when it comes to SEO. Because you can add content to the blog and search engine will be able to crawl the website through the updated content we added. To improve rank through the blog you must follow some steps that are given below
Create useful content for your audience that they are looking for.
Create content of good quality that is useful for your audience.

Stop Focusing Solely On Keywords.
Share Your Content On Social Media.
Quality Versus Quantity Links.
Promote Your Content To “Earn” Links.
Optimize Your Website For Mobile.

Optimize for keywords
Optimize your content
Include technical ranking factors
Improve your links
Fix your layout
Go beyond text