Hi everyone,

I'm looking at re-designing one of my websites, so that I can make it easier for other parts of the site management team, such as "moderators" to be able to edit the main site content.

At the moment, it is only me that is able to edit the main pages as I use Dreamweaver and FTP to upload, and the moderators "moderate" the forum.

I would like to be able to give the moderators a way of creating and updating pages outside of the forum onto the main site, however some do not have any knowledge of web design or know how to upload files (dreamweaver or FTP access).

So, my question is, is there a free (and powerful) content management system that I can use to edit and update pages on my site easily - and also allow other moderators to do so?

I hope I have posted this in the correct place, and that what I am saying makes sense.

Many Thanks,

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Sorry, I forgot to say that my server supports php 5 and mysql.

There are lot of open source cms nowadays, everyone has iys own favourite i guess :P
Ill prefer wordpress for ur case, its so simple and easy, even for them who have zero knowledge about html and ftp.
But once again, everyoe has its owb fav

According to a CMS awards thing...


The final result, as voted for by judges from The Open Source Collective, MySQL, the Eclipse Foundation, and 16,000 users on www.PacktPub.com saw a tie for first place between Joomla! and Drupal. In the event of a tie, a fourth independent judge would be brought in. This was Apoorv Durga who is a member of CMSPros and runs his own blog [http://apoorv.info/] on portals and content management. This crucial vote ended up with Joomla! triumphing over Drupal by one point.

The final result was as follows:

1. Joomla!- $5,000
2. Drupal< - $3,000
3. Plone - $2,000

So I guess they are your top three to look at :)

I have made a couple of websites with mambo cms and it is a realy powerfull cms it is very much the same a Joomla!

From my understanding, Mambo and Joomla were once one in the same. Joomla stemmed off from Mambo as basically Mambo v2 if you will. Nevertheless, I use Joomla and swear by it. As a matter of fact, I only keep Dreamweaver on my comp to do simple editing and make my own Joomla templates.

Content management systems are one of the most demanded systems in the organizations because now everyone want to migrate to automation. With the help of CMS, approx all the tasks of any organisation can be done more acurately and fastly.
if you ask me about the best CRM platform nowadyas, so I'll definately suggest Drupal.
Because Drupal is an open-source framework for content management and avaiable under general public license (GPL) . And, it's written in PHP.
What you think about this?


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