I have a friend that is trying to move her website to a new hoster.
The hoster also developed the site for her with a PHP webstore, newletter,..etc.
The hoster/web developer will not allow her to DL the PHP driven e-store and related directories.
The Web hoster claims that the code is proprietary and will not relax the permissions so as to DL certain files.

In the meta tags of the index.php file....the source code reads that it was generated with 2005 Seagull Framework v0.4.2 with copyright acknowledgments to Demian Turner and the respective authors.

Can the hoster/developer call these important e-store files...Proprietary?

She wants to find a more responsive hoster/php developer...but can not move the site because her web store is the key to her biz.
Thanks for your time.

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did she pay for the code?? if she did, then she can use it where ever she wants. now if the code has a (c), then contact the auther and get permission.
But it also could be that the previous host ran certain services that the new host doen't. Maybe that's what they mean. Perhaps there is a Server Side app that should be running in order for the estore to run... like (but unlikely) mySQL or Postgre DB.

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