i am a new member, i am involve with internet from about 12 years. i started with dos then win3.1 and so on. now i am standing on a point that i should start something on internet. i was doing stuff before but not making more that 300 dollors a months. i am going to be full time with internet marketing. professionally i am an electrical engineer. i did my engineering from hpu shimla india. i have few web site. one among them is <url snipped>. my ranking is 3/10 on google. i get about 30 visitor a day. i dont understand why it is struck on that number of visitors. is ther any way i can increase the numbers. i am working with a guru. he will show me how to create a web sites with in first 10 on google. if somebody got an idea about a key phrase please be open. it is hard to find a saturated keyword and wholesaler. i am just trying to get a head. please give me some sugestions

Hi scooter! Welcome to DaniWeb. Good luck with your internet marketing efforts. I know it can be very rough getting started, but it is well worth the effort and very rewarding.