Hi all,

My name is Steve and I live in the UK, small village/town called Rotherham which is in the county of South Yorkshire, the largest county in the UK.

I am a Technical Engineer working in the manufacturing industry specialising in metal cutting specifically aerospace, automotive and oil industries.

I'm married with two children - girl and a boy who take up loads of my time. The younger of the two is 10 and swims competitively for his club, town and county so has plenty of potential. My daughter who is 13 is an avid musician playing violin and recently the electric guitar.

My wife and I are regular Gym goers and have been for the last 6 months or so. I love photography, video, car building/racing and website design and computer/network building. (Check out my website! http://www.mkhellfire.co.uk) all of the work is my own though I rarely get time to update now due to the swimming and gym stuff.

I regularly rip into my PC's just to make it quicker and generally understand how it works from within!

I'm a bit of a troubleshooter though not into deep config and registry unless I'm well versed and confident to do so. I've just posted a resolution to Windows Media player problems with Audigy Cards which I discovered myself.

So basically that is me - wanna keep in touch? The link is one my website... feel free to email me!

Live long and enjoy!

Steve :lol:

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Hi Steve, welcome to DaniWeb from someone who isn't that far away from you - other side of Doncaster, small village on the outskirts of Retford!

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