Can anyone point me in the right direction on this problem ? It started with a B.S.O.D, well in fact it had started to hang quite often and then the odd B.S.O.D which a re-boot appeared to fix. This then turned into full blown will not budge under any circumstance B.S.O.D. I attempted to re-install xp only to find the pc falling over when it had to start loading xp at the start of the installation.

I have ran memtest and the screen remains blue and not red, I thought the problem may have been a blown stick of ram but it seems to look like a motherboad, has anyone had a similar experience or can they could you point me in the right direction as to what I should try next

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What amount of RAM do you have, and what is your graphics card.
Also what were you running when the BSOD appears?

First of all, have you recently installed any new components? Think long and hard about this one.. anything right about the time this problem started to occur? And as Serunson says, when do you receive the bsod? When the OS boots? Prior to POST? What exactly is the error message that it returns?

ok, first of all there is a 512 stick of ram in this pc with an onboard grapgics card, the blue screen comes directly after post as I can hear the post pips. Nothing new installed, as I mentioned earlier started to hang alot

My BSOD ucured whgile playing BF2 with a little tiny prog running, which caused my upset. This was a program called "Speedbit Video Accelerator". Just this tiny prgram caused the hatred BSOD. Also RAM normaly comes in pairs, so i would advise gatting another RAM stcik just so the cmoputer is happy. If you are running large programs (like games) the computer goes to BSOD becuase it panics.

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