Hello everyone,

I am looking for software that can tie in all of my software together. I want it so that when a user visits my website and logs in to my phpbb forum they are automaticall logged into my classifieds section as well and also my photohosting software and auctions. Whenever someone loggs into any of the above or changes there profile in any of the above I want the login or effected change to occur in all software.

does anyone have any thoughts on this?
I am pretty new to the web world and trying to learn as I go.
thank you all for any and all help,

I am not sure this is possible because the software that combines them all would have to some how get an encripted password and I can't see that happening. But correct me if I am wrong I am very interested in this. I suppose it could be done by the user registering in a form that you create and it automatically registers them in the other software. But that doesn't seem very secure.

single signon is certainly possible, but will require the components taking part in it to be coded for it (basically calling the SSO package instead of handling authentication and authorisation themselves).

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