Help Please. This request will indicate my knowledge is strictly limited. I have an ACER 5500Z that works just fine. The original config showed (and still does) two HDD's (C and D). My belief is that this is more a compartment config rather than two separate physical drive units. My C drive is almost full, my D drive is almost empty. How does one normally 'manage' this situation and gain more optimum use of the D drive ? Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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Usually the easiest files to move are your data files, since they don't require any special configuration after they're moved. Programs might work too, but it's probably easier to reinstall them on the D drive rather than manually moving them, because they'll be expecting files in the wrong spots.

To move files in Windows Explorer, simply drag and drop the files from the C drive to the D drive. This will copy them, not move them, so once the copy is completed, you can delete the old copy that exists on the C drive.

Hope this helps


Thanks joeprogrammer, I'll give it a try in a while (after I've finished my morning mail).

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