Greetings to all !!! I just bought a laptop on ebay that was a Compaq Armada M700. Everything seems ok however in the listing it mentioned that the laptop " continually restarts after doing a memory check" now heres the kicker Without the hard drive it goes to 256RAM check then restarts. With the hard drive it only goes to 15-20 then restarts. It has no operating system. I want to know it this going to be expensive to fix? No smart allec answers please.:lol: thanks a bunch!

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First off, I just wanted to let ya know that I edited youre post above to make the post legible. Here, we try to keep the posts in predominantly default text, with color,etc used to emphasize.

To the problem itself, it makes things much more complicated that it's a laptop you're dealing with; a desktop would be easier to fix.

In my opinion, it sounds like an overheating problem.

I guess the basic fix would be to check the fans. Are they running? Are they obstructed by dust/other crap that can be cleaned out?

If the fans are normal, I think it'll be harder to fix then what its worth.



ok well I dont think thats it because the fans seem to be fine. Its just will turn on an then if I remove the hard drive then insert while its booting up it will give me an error that states"system options not set "and click off. Someone please help!!!

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