Do any of the internet marketing experts in this forum have any suggestions for how to effectively market a research survey?

Places, methods, and suggestd audiences would be great.


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I think that you're right on track with posting in forums. Post, and link to the survey in your signature. This lets you really target your demographic without having to spend a lot of advertising dollars. Not only that, but you can usually find lots of community members who are willing to help you, especially if you post a lot, and they get to know you.

That's good idea Cscgal but in my experience most of the people are not interested in feeling the survey format. However I think he can get some good help from the members if he start a seperate thread on his own forum.

How about placing a poll in your site or blog?

Use a popup javascript on some of your web pages. Lots of sites do it

use blog and use pop windows in your site , this will be more effective

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