I am wondering whether I can make a browser on my own with some graphical and functional customizations. I need a outfit with company logo, maybe some additional buttons with hardcoded links and when launches, it should go to a certain homepage that the user should not be able to change.
I'm not used to programming and a friend of mine said I had to spend thousands of dollars to let someone program this. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I know of a 'Learn Delphi 3' book that had an example and it tought how to make your own browser... should be easy enough to stick the company logo on it... just gotta find the book now. It was not one of those 'learn ??? in 21 days' or 'learn ??? in 24 hours' kinda books... but it was very explanitory.
Anyway I know it can be done easily with Delphi.

An alternative is to use one of those toolbar generation utilities to create a downloadable toolbar that can be integrated into the Internet Explorer browser. (Ever use the google, msn, or alexa toolbar?) It can customize the homepage and add a bunch of links (and even forms) to IE.

Another alternative is to take the source for Mozilla Firebird (open source) make a few customisations to the source (graphics logos) and compile it for internal use. I don't think there would be licensing issues since it is open sourced anyway.

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I think liliafan's idea works great, considering licensing issues and whatnot. Any of the Mozilla products (Navigator, Firefox, etc) would be great to modify, and you could redistribute it, assuming that you followed the terms of their licensing.

Also, not only could you rebrand the browser, but using their extensions framework, you could still create .xpi extensions that could provide additional functionality to your browser.

Maybe there is another way, Terry!

In last month's issue of dotnet magazine I saw a program called browser's bob or similar, which was clearly a browser customizing tool for IE. I haven't really checked it out yet, but it maybe worth a try in your case.

One million thanks, buddy. I needed some time to find it. Actually, it is called browserbob and lies on www.browserbob.com. This is more than accurate. I have just downloaded and launched a trial version and if it delivers what it promises, I'll have that browser ready by tomorrow. A little bit amazing but I never heard of browserbob. Again, one million thanks.

Actually, this is very easy to achive in VB or VB.NET.

Microsoft has already thought of the webbrowser control.... just drop one on a form, and customise the form to look how you like.

This really is BASIC stuff.

Why pay for browserbob when you can build your own quite easily.

Also, the internet explorer administrators toolkit, will allow you to build custom internet explorer browsers.

The easiest approach is to use the IE control (OCX) in a VB Application. Let the control do all the displaying of HTML / Javascript content and you can design your company logo etc on the window. In short customise the window. It is very very very easy to program in VB. All you have to do is open a project and place the IE Control in the Form.Do a lil window make up (Maybe with your Company logo) and you are in action. You have your browser ready.

oh yes do read up on the navigate / navigate2 function of IE Control. Thats all that you are going to need to do the programming maybe a few lines)

Cheers and happy browsing

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