I came across this site while researching the "Windows\System 32 pop-up" problem, via Google, for a friend. Helping friends with computer problems is one of my hobbies.

I took delivery of my first computer from the manufacturer at 2.30pm on February 13th, 1962. It wasn't a Friday, but that would have been quite appropriate. The computer filled a room of 1,140 square feet, required a false floor for the massive interconnect cables and a perforated ceiling for the air conditioning as well as an engineer's room. It had 20,000 characters of IAS (Immediate Access Store), RAM to you, 10,000 for the operating system and 10,000 for application programs and data. Think about it, 10,000 bytes of RAM! But... no Windows or office suites... bliss! (Only kidding). Moved on to even bigger computers and even bigger computer rooms - and disk storage! Our first disc unit had 36" diameter platters and hinged wooden actuators. Early involvement in developing office automation hardware and software using ring circuits, distributed microprocessors, CRT terminals and then minicomputers and Ethernet. Then wonders like document readers and the PC and Windows, and office suites, and remote communications and the internet and finally wireless. How could I have been so lucky?

All this needs a lot of looking after and forums like this have been a godsend to me over the years. More strength to your elbows.

I have now been retired for 18 years and, when the computers permit, I play golf. Living in an area of Scotland, the East Lothian coast, which has been described as the Holy Land of Golf, I am surrounded by golf courses. Muirfield is just across the road from my house and my own course, Luffness New (It was "new" in 1893), is an Open Championship qualifying course. and has a great bunch of members, some of whom don't own computers. Lucky chaps!

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Welcome to Daniweb, my Scottish friend.

1962 huh? That was a year before I was born, and sometimes I feel like I have been in the computer business too long :)

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