Hello everyone. I am new to this language having just about finished my first Java class at UoP. I found this website while doing a search to help me with my homework and I think I will never leave.......

From what I have experienced so far, the people here are extremely nice and seem to think the same as me!!!.. Yes I know, that is a very scary thought!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and to thank all of those that have been so kind to me and I look forward to many meetings in the Geek Lounge in the future.

If I do not post for a while please do not worry, I am on Active duty in the Air Force, and I have 4 kids so I am running all the time but ther is time for me to check in from time to time.....

hope to see you all soon!!!!

And a special thanks to Dani for starting this website. I know it is a lot of hard work but it looks like it will help so many people. You are the best Dani.... Let me know if you need anthing from Cairo!!!!!

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forgot to mention. as I am new to this, I may break a few rules.. asking things here when I should ask them some place else... Please be patient with me and just let me know what I am doing wrong and what I need to do to make it right and I'll get 'er done!!!!!


Welcome to Daniweb buddy and don't be afraid to ask questions here.

Feel free to query someone and you definately would get the answer.


thanks man really appreciate it. been working on this one code that has been driving me nuts!!! As soon as I think I have it, I start typing in code and it doesn't look right to me so I start over!! which probably means I would have been done days ago if I would just trust my gut.. oh well, guess that is why they call it learning!!!!!


Make a sincere attempt, post the code in the Java forum with proper description as to :

1. What is the code supposed to do ?
2. A sample run with the input and output values if the code is running and if not then the error messages.
3. If your code runs, what output are you getting ?
4. What kind of output was expected ?

Just make it easier for the other people to help you out and you would get your problem solved in no time.

Hope it helped, bye.


yes, welcome to daniweb

b.t.w i just went from IE7 to Mozilla FF 2 - Daniweb looks all wierd now...

If you think that's wierd try opera!


i noticed the ads look wrong and all the java type bits look really sunken

is opera free by the way?
is there a pda version?

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