I have been tasked with creating a new web site for the company I work for. I am no expert on web design but I have a good grasp of the essentials (I think!). I have come across some Page Packs by a company called Project Seven that work with Dreamweaver. They seem to offer a fast way to create CSS based pages that look pretty good (to me anyway).

I am looking for some honest opinions about their products – are they worth the money or should I pursue another route? My coding ability is limited so Dreamweaver is my chosen software (I know the code it produces is bulky and not very pure).

I have never used their service or any template for that matter but I have to say that all their templates are actually very similar.

You must remember to create a web page you need alot of patience and skill in certain areas you don't have to be a pro to make a good site you just need a good idea and some basic knowledge in how to create it. This forum can basically go down as your basic knowledge.

Any, didn't your company pay you to make it yourself? Those templates honestly look OK but they are all similar and the last the a business wants is to have their website confused with someone elses.