My friends and I would like to play games over a network but I am not sure how to do it. It network is working fine but I am not sure if every computer needs to have a cd of the game. I f you let me know that will be great.



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Hi philmonthoss,

It really depends on the game as to whether ornot it requires the disk to be in the drive. The best way to find out is to try to run the game without the disk.

For the network game, chances are, there will be a tool or dialog that will allow you to Open Location or something like that. You can then enter the IP or hostname of the machine serving up the game. You may know this but to find a computer's IP on Windows, open up a cmd prompt ( Start > Run > cmd > [Enter] ) and type: ipconfig


Hey bud. There are multiple ways to start network gaming. I'm going to guess that you have an ethernet network, but that isn't the main subject (wireless is quite acceptable also, that's what I use). Most games which I play on my network with my brother require a cd... but only to start. Company of heroes for example. I start the game, go into the LAN menu, pop out the disk, then give it to him to start the game. Everything will work fine. Our network just shows up well. So if I make a game, and he also enters the LAN menu - he will see the game and be able to join. So my point is most games will require a cd to start, but usually you can take it out after the game has loaded up fully. Then let the other person use it to start their game. If you have any other questions let me know. Hopefully this provided you with some information you were looking for.

I will try that thankyou.



I also have a netowrk. I went through the same problems. Try these steps to acess games without puting the CD in every CD drive:

1. Make sure the gaming software is stored on atleast 1 computer on your network.
2. Make sure the drive is 'shared'. If it is, there should be a hand on its icon in MY COMPUTER. If not, you can find directions on how to share it at
3. Make sure you 'mapped' the drive on the other computers. If they aren't, in MY COMPUTER, click TOOLS, MAP NETWORK DRIVE, and then clcik on the drive the sofwtare is on from the list. Then click OK. BUT FIRST, make sure the computer the sofwtare is on is turned on and is logged in.
4. Then, find the folder that the sofwtare is in. IF you can't get access, try sharing the folder.
5. Find the file and click on it. If it asks you for a CD, exit out and try anotehr icon. One of them shoudl get you directly into the game.

Good luck

hey man,
I'm trying to play Lord of the Rings ME2 on a wireless network at my home.
when I create the game the other person can see the game and when he presses JOIN says " Join Failed - Connection Timed Out"
What the problem?...I played Warcraft on this same network and it works fine

Lord of the Rings was written by who? Blizzard possibly? Why don't you ask them?

Also, thanks for bumping a 2-year-old thread :)

alrite ill ask msg them there too..but if anyone knows how I can get this to work ..let me know

NO problem about this old thread...just bumped into it while i was on google

i remember a program that a friend showed me called NoCD. i cannot even find that program anymore. you could always try and iso it but i aint sure if that will work but that is the closest i can get ya.

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