Hoping someone can help. I reformatted the hard drive on my Dell Latitude X1 and reinstalled everything and the only thing no longer working is the multiple monitor feature.When plugging a standalone LCD VGA screen into the VGA output it will recognise it as a monito but will ONLY swap between the laptop monitor and the external screen. It will no longer give me the option in Control Panel>Display to "extend desktop".

I then installed the video driver from the Dell website for the X1 and that caused even more problems witht eh laptop now thinking it had 2 laptop type screens and displaying the same screen on both monitors ie 2 x Outlook etc etc. So I uninstalled that driver.

Any help would be appreciated, Dell will only provide free Latitide online support for USA customers, UK is a premium telephone number!


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[ Right-clicking your desktop --> Properties --> Settings tab -->

You should see two monitors in the gray shaded space.

Right-click the number 2 monitor --> click "Attach" --> click on the number 2 monitor and adjust the resolution equal to the first or however you would like it. ]

This should work. If not let me know

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