I am new to this forum. I am researching how other companies support their product/software development communities (primarily desktop, lab and networking support). Especially, if the company works from a standardized (TCO) model... what's different for support of the folks who are doing development work?

Thanks, in advance for any information you can give!

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I belive Danielle may know something about this, after all, you DID come too the right community with a great question! :::)::

Thanks for your reply...I'm still hoping there might be someone willing to share information...I need it for a research report I'm putting together due Feb. 18th.

If you're still interested, I know quite a bit about this as I used to do support for a 6000+ user global IT consulting firm. We had to support dozens of development projects and I could tell you about some of the issues with standardization/desktop/application support. Send me a personal message and I'll give you my email address or a number you can reach me at.

Hello Antioed!

I tried to send you a private message but was told I don't have permission to do so.

Please email me at kelly.mclaughlin@kodak.com if you are still interested in sharing your information!


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