I have Dell Inspiron 8500. It came with 256MB (128MB in each slot).
I upgraded it to 1GB ( 521MB +512NB). It worked with 1gb somedays. Then it started showing 521MB. Madesure that there is not problem with memory modurels. both modurles work in DIMM A slot. But DIMM -B is not recognizing memory at all so sytem cant boot with DIMM -B. Anybody has same problem? How to fix it?
Please help me.

THanks in advance,


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First off, I'd try cleaning the slot. If that doesn't work, you're going to have to contact Dell, as the slot may have to be changed. If the system is still under warranty (and you haven't voided it by installing the new RAM), you can ask Dell to replace the mainboard.

Hi, THanks for response.
I dont have warrenty any more on this system anymore.
How dificult is that job to change slot? How much i need to spend on that? How much it would. Is it something easy to change? Your help is really appriciacted.

Well, you cant just change the slot. I believe you would need a new motherboard. I love dell, but they charge way too much for replacement parts. If after cleaning the slot with some pressurized air doesnt work, you could probably pick up a new or referbished board off of ebay or someother site like that specific for your computer. By getting the exact same board, you will not have to reinstall windows again, and you are guarenteed it will fit in your case. But then again, for the price, you could probably just pick up 1 stick of 1 gb ram and use that, although you wouldnt have dual channel anymore, i dont think the performance would be differentiable.

cleaned the slot and then installed memory.. Holded littlebit in.
Then tried. It is picking now. Thanks a lot for your help. My laptop is fully functional. :-)


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