Well was searching the web and found you all, always nice having a place where you can get help.

Let's see been studying and repairing computers for 14 years.I am CompTIA A+ certified also getting my Associates in Specilized technology in PC Maintenance Technology. after this semester i am getting back on studying to get my Network + certification.That's about it just really like computers and solving the problems that arise.

Nice to meet you all and catch you on the Boards.

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Hey there buddy, welcome to Daniweb. :D

Good to have an expert like you along our side. Hope you will render your help to newbies our there in dire need of help...;)


Thanks S.O.S.
I Mod at another site and that is what i do there, i like helping others.alot of people don't realize that there questions may pertain to something that the helper has never run across.so in turn the helper and helpee learn something.I don't consider myself a expert,Thanks for the compliment though,I just like computers and have knowledge with them.as i say though "knowledge isn't what you know but if you know where to get the answer".LOL

I get stumped sometimes i have a computer repair shop here at home.mainly for helping people that doesn't have the money to pay big prices for to me is simple computer repair.I know that to some it seems like rocket science but it isn't it is quite easy.

One thing i really don't like though is to be called a computer technician.I just know what i know and i also depend upon others when i get stumped on something i haven't seen.I google alot that's how i found your site everyday i get on google searching for new things i haven't seen or done.I never claim to know everything about them but i do have the knowledge to find out about what i don't know.

As i see in your sig your a big fan of knowledge.

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