Dear colleague developers,

I have a question that you may be able to guide me about it.

I have a desktop application that I developed on my own, and I want to sell the source code of this application. The application wasn't sold before that to any party, neither as an executable nor as a source code.

I tried to find websites on the net to help in marketing this kind of sales, and I have already found one, but it's not popular and very slow in progress. I believe that it receives very few visitors as buyers. I couldn't find other sites for this regard.

If anyone here in this community can guide me to websites specialized for that purpose, or other ways to help in selling the source code of my application, I appreciate your cooperation.

If any of the buyers in the community are interested in buying source code of desktop applications, please let me know in order to send to you the details of the application.

Thank you in advance for your help,

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just out of intserest, what is the application - what does it do?

This is a "Nursery Management" application. It's between small and medium in size. It includes the following features (breifly) :

- Master Data : for Classes, Registration Type/Fees, Transportation data (Busses & Staff), Suppliers (Books, Food, Show, viedeo,....) and their offers, Education Syllabus.
- Employees : Recruitment Application, Employees Data, Attendance (simple)
- Activities : Parties/Trips/Cinema/...
- Kids : Kids Data and Registration, Attendance, Health Status, General & Educational Status
- Comments : Feedback comments reported by any entity on any other entity in the system
- Sales : Stock (Deposit & Withdraw)/Sales Details
- Events : Accidents and visits documentation
- "Exit" Button
- "About" Button

The application features can be extended according to the specific customer (nursery) size and needs. It's developed mainly for a moderate size nursery.

Development Effort :
Development of this application lated for 3 Months (one person effort), including requirements analysis, database design, application design, development and testing. All of this was done with regular correspondance with customer (a medium-size nursery).

Technology Used :
VB.Net as the development language + MS SQL Server as the database backend.

Sale Package :
Source Code (around 90 source code & resources files)
Database Backup files (Backup file and LDF & MDF files)
Copyright is also available for sale if requested. This application code wasn't sold (as a source or as an executable) to any other party till now. Copyright price is to be agreed upon with buyer requesting it.

A word document with screen captures is available to review for interested potential buyers.

I realize you put in a lot of time and effort writing/testing the program and you are probably hoping to make billions of dollars with it, but I think you might want to sell it as a shareware program and include the source code if someone actually registers the program with you and pays you for the program, typically $25.00 or so.

no one cares how long it took you to write. All they care about is how well it works and meets their requirements.

As this seems to be a highly specialised piece of software for companies, just throwing it out on the web and hoping isn't going to work.
You're going to have to do some legwork. Visit potential customers and talk to them. If they're potentially interested, arrange to give them a demonstration.
That's the ONLY way to sell things like this.

and you might find out that there aren't many potential customers when you tell them you require MS SQL Server.
Make sure your application can be easily configured to work with Oracle and Sybase as well, maybe DB/2 too.
Most companies have one of those platforms already and require all their software that needs a database to use it.
They will NOT buy a new database engine (and hire the DBAs to run it) for your application, they'll just find an application that can use their existing platform.

yes you should have used access maybe as SQL server cosrts $$$ and most nurseries have crap IT facilities.

Hi !

I also have a web-based application for sale

Its a multi-lingua multimedia content management and sharing.

I would like to give ownership to only one company.

Is there any way of doing this....

define "ownership"...
You can always sell the rights to someone which would give them ownership and you would no longer be allowed to sell it.

By Ownership I imply all source code related to the site will be given. However the buying has no right of reselling.

That's not ownership; that's licensing.

Dear Sir,

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