When I'm trying to view images on the net, they will always come up and appear blurred. Even though, a couple of weeks ago, these same images were perfect. Also, I've noticed, a lot of images are just showing a box with a red cross in it now.

I don't understand and find it really frustrating.

Please help.

Kirstie. 17. Durham

Hi Kirstie.

Is this problem just on the net?

If so it's likely to be a software problem rather than a monitor or dodgy graphics card problem.

Can you try installing firefox and see if it makes any difference? If it does you prolly need to do a virus check.


Well it sounds to me like there's something up with your connection (although I'm no expert). But it could also be your browser: try switching to Firefox or, if you already use it, try switching back to IE.

EDIT: Whoops, I didn't see the reply :P This post is basically redundant then... :P

It didn't work :( thank you though, has anyone else got any ideas?
It's annoying, as I cannot make out the images very well.

It is just a problem on the net yeah

I assume you are using Windows. What version are you using (95, 98, XP, Vista)?

What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

Have you tried cleaning your monitor lately? :cheesy:

I'm using windows xp.
It only happens to images I view on the internet. However, if I copy an image from the internet, and then open it in paint or photoimpact etc, it is still blurry.

I'm using the latest internet explorer, but it happens on aol pages too.

Could you take a screenshot if it when it happens?

One suspicion I have is that interlaced GIFs aren't downloading properly or stopping partially - leaving you with a cloudly image.

It seems like your browser isn't downloading the file properly. This could be directly related to the browser, or your internet connection could be shutting off or giving you an improper connection.

I'm just guessing here, but what happens when you change the color depth for your screen?

Ermmm in all honesty, I don't know how to do that? Why?

This is happening on AOL and Internet Explorer by the way

>Ermmm in all honesty, I don't know how to do that?

Right-click on the desktop, choose "Properties", and then perhaps under "Settings" tab there's an option to change the number of colors. (Not completely sure how to do it under XP; I always used Win98 :P)

No, I'm not entirely sure how much good that would do. I kinda think it *may* have something to do with the number of colors IE can use to output the image, but that was just a wild stab in the dark.

What is more likely is that IE is having problems loading the image completely. When there's a link to an image, try right-clicking the link, choosing "Save link as..." as then indicating a location on the disk. Open it up with some other program, and tell us if it looks any different.

I have saved the images straight from the net, and even if I have the correct picture which is unblurry in my pictures folder, when it is saved from aol or internet explorer and opened in both paint and photoimpact etc, it is blurry/cloudy still.

When I changed the colors it made no difference at all.


Do you have any other computers which you can use to test our your internet connection? It's quite likely that this is ISP-related, but doing such a test would confirm it.

If it indeed happens on other computers, then it's probably time to send your internet service provider a message. Provide the information you gave here, such as the web browsers you've tested, a screenshot of the problem, that different browsers make no difference, the image is still blurry when saved to disk, etc.