Im kinda the person in the community who you give your old pcs to and here we had a massive rush to get vista which led people to give me quite a lot of "obsolete" P4 512mb Machines - xp is still good for two years at least and people are calling these machines obsolete?

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I had a look at the Vista requirements, and it said 800mhz/512mb, but also mentioned about "Vista Premium Ready" requiring 1024mb RAM.

Maybe they've paid too much attention to what the guy in PC World says. Windows 2k is still good for use today, and NT4 only lost support about a year ago. I think XP SP3 is coming out in 2008.

It's most likely that people don't distinguish between a slow PC due to poor software maintanance, and lagging hardware, so most likely after 2 years, think that they need something better, rather than a format with the XP Disk.

Sounds like you've got some nice free PCs, maybe you should combine them to make your own supercomputer



yeah but support is nothing

windows 3.51 was supported till 2002

xp home gets support for 2 years (was gonna end this year originally) - pro is longer

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