Hello. I'm new here. I've just set up my first non-personal site. superteacherworksheets. Don't laugh at my overly simple html-- I did it myself in a text editor. :)

Anyway, now that my new site is finally running, I'm working to figure out how to get more hits and I'm tweaking the design and content. My major victories this week:

-I figured out how to use google analytics;
-I got adsense running on a couple of the pages;
-I got 33 hits today (hey, it's better than I thought I'd do at first);
-I got two sites to link to me (took a whole day of emailing people);
-I got my site in the Google search engine

Things I'm still struggling with:

- Increasing hits;
- Placing ads (I don't want it to seem too commercial, but I want to earn a few bucks a few times a year);
- Graphics (I am graphics impaired...I have, um... none)

So, anyway... I just joined the community to read and learn... and maybe post an occasional blurb or two. Thanks for reading and thanks for having me.

pretty nice site. im a student and most of my teachers have virtually no computer skills so maybe simple is a good thing :)

Hi, fireboat-- welcome to Daniweb. ;)

Matty D

Welcome to DaniWeb, what's the story behind the fireboat username?

hi Fireboat...welcome to Daniweb...it sounds like you are learning a lot!