Wow, I go into the AIM source coode (Legal) SDK is downloable on there site. And guess what I see! JAVA what noobs you know? Who uses java these days? Well hell it sure did'nt look like C++, but you never know?! Well if anyone thinks it was c++ give me a nice tell :cool:

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I don't want to sound rude, but what exactly is the point of this message? I don't care enough to look and find out what AIM was written with, and why would I care?

Even if it were written with Java, it's NOT a Noob language. Many good applications were created with it, and the people who refuse to use it are usually ignorant of its real speed and flexiblity. Sure, you can't create an OS with it, but why would you want to? ;)


Haha Just expressing my feelings that's all

Different forums exist for a reason....

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indeed, does that make us "haxx0rs"?

(i hate leet i think it is a stuipid language really and that obviously AIM was not written by noobs as it seems to be working just fine for thousands of people)

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