Ok.... the project I have, is to get a program that will scan boxscores of played basketball games from websites. When reading the text the program will be able to convert text into a statistic and store in a database.
1. Is this possible?
2. If so what language would be best?
3. Would this project bre very time consuming?
4. Are there already programs like this available for purchase?

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1. Yes its possible to do.

2. Your posting in C/C++ board so why would you not want to use that language? (other languages are also possible)

3. Time consuming for who? Depends on the experience of the person writing the program.

4. Probably not.

Well the reason I had put it in C++ was of the higher traffic....I have little knowledge of programming languages and thought that one may be more suited than another.
So my new question is with my limited knowledge what steps do you think I should take to pursue this project? Like where would I find someone to write the program, what forums should I post on. Are there companies that I could go to to have them write such a program. Or should I go to a university and find a student to hire for the project? I am really quite clueless so any advice would be greately appreciated.

If you want to hire someone to write the program for you, then you could post in DaniWeb;s Job Offers board. I'm certain some students would be happy to make some extra cash.

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