I have hundreds of Linux 6.06 disks with box.
I have 64 bit versions, standard pc versions and mac versions
desperate to get rid of!! - all unopened with ubuntu stickers
Any interested?

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who would give anything for those, when you can order them for free from ubuntu? and with the latest distro as well, not 6.06


Well i tell ya Vista stinks! I am researching Unbuntu and I plan on making that my next op system!

Why produce an op system that loads up all the system resorces? On top of everytign else what does Vista do that XP or Linix cant?

With xp I built a dua core system and it just flies, my programs have all the power they need to run perfect, vista takes that power away!

I say No way!

I have also reviewed unbuntu with bryel on it, and man that deskto blows anything Vista can do.

So yea I am interested in this Unbuntu disks, ill pass them out to all my freinds (I think everyone I know is going to Unbuntu anyway)

Nice job on the reverse propaganda MICROSOFT!

If you really do have disk you want to get rid of
email me at antibsh@yahoo.com


6.06 is the LTS version right?

Just so people know, the LTS one is supported until like 2012 or something whereas the standard ones get updated every year (newest is 7.04).


Haha....its quite old....im quite interested to have some for collection, how do u plan to send to me shadow??


With the rise of broadband connectivity, why not just download the latest versions from the web. If you can spare a whole 30 minutes of your time.


hey I have XP and just getting use to it.Was use to 98 SE till my PC quit. Questions, Is ubuntu an OS and if so is it better than XP. I have never been over joyed with windows but it is all i know.just wondering if there is a better OS to use??????



Yes but No. Doesnt support a lot of hardware and wont run your windows apps but there are equivilents. For general spreadsheet/email/internet/chat/music its fine

You need 512ram


Thank you JBENNET if it is only fine I guess i might as well stay with windows xp. I do have a printer and scanner and cameras and I don't chat and only use yahoo mail.again thank you for the info.Merry Christmas

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