This is kinda like the word association also located in the Geek's Lounge. What you do is take the song listed before you and make another song and artist with the word it it.

1: Heaven - Los Lonely Boys
2: Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

You can't do something like this:
1: Rock n' Roll - Led Zeppelin
2: Black Dog - Led Zeppelin

Anyone can think of another song by Led Zeppelin.

However, you can do something like this:
1: Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
2: Give it Away - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bold the words that you repeat. I'm going to start.

The Story in Your Eyes - The Moody Blues

Blue Allrise - Blues

Foo Fighters - The deepest blues are black

acdc - back in black

Metallica - Fade to Black

"Anyone can think of another song by Led Zeppelin."

I can't ;)

Townes Van Zandt - Waiting Around to Die

"Anyone can think of another song by Led Zeppelin."

I can't

You know what I mean...

Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer

I've been waiting for you - guys next door

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison - My Chemical Romance

The Way You Touch Me -- Enrique Iglesias

things will go my way - the calling

Go Your Own Way \ Fleetwood Mac

By the way -> Red Hot Chilli peppers

the sound - further seems forever

Not In Love -- Enrique Iglesias

Love to see you cry -- Enrique Iglesias

One Night Stand -- Enrique Iglesias

One-on-One \ Hall and Oates

I am On My Way -- Ricky Martin

I am mine - Perl Jam

sweet child'o mine - Guns N' Roses

So Long Sweet Summer - Dashboard Confessional

Sweet Leaf \ Black Sabbath

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - My Chemical Romance

(i bolded the wrong word on my last one... -so long sweet summer)