I have a Toshiba Laptop with Windows XP SP2, and I am experiencing some problems with basically every browser I have. By the way, the browsers I have are IE, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape.


The backround music doesn't play on websites for some reason.....I go to it...it shows on the bottom that it is downloading the music file, but it doesn't play. There is no problem with the file hoster of the music since the backround music works on my other computer. I don't think it is any virus, spywares, or other nasties since I restored my computer like 2 days ago. The backround music use to work though before I restored it....so this is a recent problem. Any suggestions will gladly be accepted. !!!!

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Sounds like you don't have a media player or the codecs nessary to play the music.

You should take time to update to the latest WMP and you might want to try getting winamp as well :)

Like I said before, the music just doesn't play in the browser. I have alot of codecs on my computer, especially for music. And I already have WMP10 and Winamp, so I don't think that can be the problem. One extra thing I forgot to mention, it says its downloading the file on the bottom, but it doesn't play. But when I put in the link of the music file that was supposed play in the web address bar and press enter, it plays perfectly. Your probably thinking that something is blocking it, but I took that off the list when I found out that none of the browsers I have play it. I already tried disabling windows firewall and any other thing that could interfere, but no luck. Any other suggestions? !!!!

Thats a good thing!!

I totally HATE web sites that have music in them.. .aside form a flash demo or something.. argh

Well, in my case (although I like music), I am trying to fix this problem because it could be related with other problems which have not yet been discovered.
EX: Lets say it was caused by a security issue(which its not), then that problem could have been affecting other things as well like blocking them or something.

Well whatever :p , lets get back on topic.....any suggestions? !!!!

Have you tried reseting your web settings?

Music Playing Via ActiveX cotnrolelr etc etc..

Also.. try using firefox.. does it work in this browser?

Like I said in my first post:

I have a Toshiba Laptop with Windows XP SP2, and I am experiencing some problems with basically every browser I have. By the way, the browsers I have are IE, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape.

So it isn't a problem with the browser, and the resetting the web settings thing, I tried that already but it didn't work. I tried it again right now, but no luck. Thanks for trying though; I would gladly accept any other suggestions. !!!!

Sorry for the double post, but recently cleaned my system of viruses, trojans, spyware and adware, and I've ran a scan with PC Bug Doctor and registry mechanic, but I have had no luck. I would be thankful if I can get some suggestions on this issue. !!!!

Need some suggestions.

I am using front page and firefox and I have the same problem. I set the website up to blay a background song (1 short pass of the song - not obnoxious, lingering music). However, when I publish then open the website at the host it doesn't play. There is nothing wrong with the file...It plays in any media player. I tried .AU and .mp3 files- no difference. The host server people told me that perhaps I should embed a player in the website code but I do not know how to do that...that seems extreme to me anyway. All instructions I have read (several manuals and microsoft front page site) tell me I have done the right thing. I can see the file reference in the html code??? any ideas?


1. The volume is down
2. The browser does not have the proper plugin installed (separate from having the player)
3. The computer is overloaded to the point where it has no time to play the music.
4. The ISP you get internet access from banned that kind of music file due to RIAA threats.
5. The server your page is on banned serving that kind of music file due to RIAA threats.
6. The server does not have the means or bandwidth to play music.
7. You need to upgrade your server account with a higher fee to be allowed to serve music.
8. You do not have supervisor permission to use the player with the browser (if you are not the supervisor account).
9. You do not have enough browser cache allotted for the music file to fit.

You should reinstall your audio drives and will solve all problems.

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