I'm new to this site and I kind of luck up on it. I'm a senior at Davenport Universtity graduating in May(prayfully). I have 2 class left. C++ and a capstone. My capstone class in going great, but I'm having some issue with the techniques of this instructor. I think my C instructor made life easy, but this class make me feel like did I really learn anything in C. Anyway I'm a single mom of a awesome little boy who will be 2 on March 29th. And I strving to get my degree in CIS.

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Thank-you.. I hope so to:)

Hello and welcome to daniweb. I hope you enjoy it here!


Y Thank-You :) .. It's just been a struggle with this C++. Now Java was great, but this coding is driving me :mad: but hopefully I'll come out on top..


hi, you sound highly intelligent and technically oriented...welcome!

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