OK I really need some help with my computer! I've noticed a few things wrong with my computer and I'm not really sure if they are interrelated or not!? A few nights ago, I noticed that my computer randomly restarted 2 or 3 different times and would come back asking me to restore the Active Desktop. I didn't think too much of this, just figured I'd run Spybot and chkdsk sometime. Well yesterday, when I tried to boot up, I would get to the Boot Prompt Screen where it asks if I want to run it in Safe Mode, Last Known Good Config, or Start Normally. No matter what option I would choose, my monitor's light would go from the green power light to the amber light as if it was in hibernation or something, and it would sound as if my computer was rebooting because I saw the CD rom flashing and heard the floppy perform it's startup check. (I couldn't see anything because the screen was black.) I tried cleaning out the CPU heatsink and PS Fan. Now when I attempt to turn my computer on, the power and HDD lights come on, but the monitor won't display anything. If I turn the monitor on before I turn the computer on, I just get the "No Sync Input" message as if my computer wasn't on.

Now after cleaning the computer and taking the heatsink off to clean it, all I get is the power and HDD lights constantly on and won't boot and I don't get anything at all on the monitor.

Today, I tried the monitor at my grandmother's and it still did the same problem. My video card is integrated so that can't be the problem, unless its the entire Mother Board. I took the CMOS battery out for an hour and put it back in. It actually turned on and went to the BIOS. I changed the date/time and saw it was recognizing the 2 HD's, CD and everything else. I hit save/exit and then the monitor cut back off while the power and HDD lights stayed constant like it has been doing. When I turn it off and turn it back on, the same thing happens (power and HDD lights remain constant) yet no picture on the monitor.

New Update: I took the CMOS battery out again for about 2 hours and put it back in. This time when it started, I didn't go into the BIOS and it booted actually into Windows with the date of like January 2005. I did a system restore to about a week ago. The system finished the system restore and after it was finished, it reset itself and turned the monitor back into hibernation mode. Now I'm back to where I started. When I try to turn the computer on, the monitor stays black but I get the power and HDD light on constant. I don't understand! Why will it boot up after resetting the BIOS for one time and that's it?!?

Here are my computer's specs:

Windows XP Pro
Pentium 2.93 CPU
MachSpeed MB
Integrated Video
2 HD's (1 for Windows XP, 1 for my files)

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First is 1 gig or 2 512 sticks of RAM?

make sure your ribbon and power cables are connected good.

if you can get into bios make sure the video isn't set to AGP.

Do you hear any beeps as it boots?

Beep codes for Mach speed MoBo.

Beep Code

One long beep continuous loop


Memory failed

Possible resolution

Try new memory

Beep Code

High/ Low beep


CPU overheat

Possible resolution 1

CPU fan connected correctly

Possible resolution 2

CPU fan needs to be replaced

Possible resolution 3

CPU is overheating due to bad CPU

Beep Code

One long followed by 3 short


Video Problem

Possible resolution

Need to try new video card

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